Client- FAQ

  • Q: I’ve installed the Ubuntu Client and my AWS CLI is already properly installed. The client still warns me with a "CLI not installed" message. What to do?

A: by default the client expects the CLI to be installed in the following location: ~/.local/bin/aws 

if you have a different installation you can create asymlink like this: which aws to see the current location, ln -s <your location> ~/.local/bin/aws to setup the symlink.

  • Q: I have added a new Client user from the Manager App interface, but that user hasn’t received the email containing the link to download the Client. How can we get it?

A: as the emails are grouped and sent in batch, it sometimes takes some time before receiving it. Just wait; 

If you need to speed up the process, then you can follow this link to download it immediately.

  • Q: The client shows errors on the new workspace screen. How do I fix?

A: Just click on the “Clear cache” button. It will clear all the LookAuth cached file. After clearing the cache, the Client will restart and you'll be able to add a new workspace and user.

  • Q: I'm logged into LookAuth Client. How can I change the user logged?

A: You can use the "logout" button located in the top bar on the right; then Sign in with the user you need to log in with.

  • Q: Where can I find LookAuth client's logs on MacOS?

A: You can find the client's log file in your User's Home / Library / Logs / lookAuth / log.log.