Tutorial 2: How to federate your AWS account with your G Suite accounts

To enable the federation, an IdP object should be created in the AWS account.

1- AWS account details

Before starting with the core steps, let's collect the account number of the AWS account you want to federate and give it a name.

Provide us with these two details in order to register the account in the Admin Panel 

2 - Select the Identity Provider

Let's move to AWS.

Log into the AWS Account, move to IAM section, and from the left-side column select Identity providers.

3 - Create a Provider 

Let's go on configuring a new Provider

a) Click on “Create Provider”, select “SAML” in the “Provider Type” dropdown and choose a name for the Provider (eg. "GSuiteSAML")

Note: copy the Provider's name; you'll need it during the next step.

Upload the metadata.xml file previously downloaded (Tutorial 1: How to federate G Suite and AWS)

b) Identity Provider name

Enter in LookAuth the Provider's name.

Your AWS account is successfully federated with G Suite.