Tutorial 3: How to create a new Role to enable federated users access.

1 - Select your account

From the list of the registered accounts, choose the account you need to create a new role for.

2 - Create a new Role

Let's focus first on Roles creation.

a ) Move to the IAM console in your AWS Account and select "Roles" from the left-side column

b) Create a Role

Select SAML 2.0 federation and in “SAML provider section”, select “beSharp.net-GSuite”.
After that, select “Allow programmatic and AWS Management Console access”.

c) Add a Policy

Select the policy you want to attach to the newly created Role, e.g. AdministratorAccess. Then, click “Next: Tags” button and then on “Next:Review”.

f) Define a name

Give a name to the newly created role, then go back to LookAuth and provide us with it.

The Role has been successfully created.